Guess how much I love you

K’s favorite book right now is Guess How Much I Love you. He calls it the “hop book.” Everytime I tell him I love him, he reaches his hands up and I have to say, “I love you as high as I can reach!” Then he goes, “hop.” and I say, “I love you as high as I can hop.” And then he says, “moon!” and points up and I say “I love you right up to the moon and back.” Then he gets this satisfied look on his face and it makes my heart melt.

Typical day with K

Yesterday I drove K across town for shoes. He found these gray See Kai Run shoes with a yellow K on them, and was obviously obsessed with them. I was thinking they could possibly be the ticket to getting him to give up wearing his yellow fireman rain boots everywhere (I mean, I know we live in Canada, but it still gets hot in the summer!)

They didn’t have his size though, so we drove thirty minutes on the chance that another store would have them. Lucky us, they did! I go to try them on his feet to make sure he hadn’t grown overnight again, and he’s putting on a pair of black shoes.

"Back shews."

"I thought you wanted yellow shoes! Look!"

"Back shews."

Ugh. Okay kid. I try them on his feet and squeals with delight. “Back shhhhews!” He then runs away from me going “Home!”

Whoever said boys were fun because they let you dress them till college was a liar.



I have 17 charts (most of them are new) featured today in the Huffington Post if you’d like to see them. If you do not want to see them, whatever you do, do not click on this link. 

Do this now and you’ll get an extra hour in the ball pit.

Accurate. Every time I tell my toddler to “use his words” a la Daniel Tiger, I’m pretty sure a puppy dies.



I have 17 charts (most of them are new) featured today in the Huffington Post if you’d like to see them. If you do not want to see them, whatever you do, do not click on this link. 

Do this now and you’ll get an extra hour in the ball pit.

Accurate. Every time I tell my toddler to “use his words” a la Daniel Tiger, I’m pretty sure a puppy dies.

I cannot wait until K speaks in full sentences, if only so that he can tell me what the eff is yellow, black and purple and why he chants it like a mantra at bedtime.

Day at the zoo

Today we had an amazing trip to the zoo. I was afraid that it would be packed because of the holiday tomorrow, but I guess everyone is camping or cottaging. Kaleb just loved being outside, he was trying to climb under every tree and had to smell every flower while telling me the colors.

We went to the urban farm petting zoo. He was so sweet. I reminding him that he had to be gentle, quiet and couldn’t run. So he very sweetly walked up to a sheep and say down beside him like “hey dude, let’s chill.” So funny! At one point they all started baa-ing. He wasn’t a fan of that part.

He really enjoyed looking at the arctic fox. And I got him a kiddie cone (he ate the whole thing!) it was adorable watching him eat it. He’s usually so good at sharing, not with his ice cream comes apparently. I can’t believe he doesn’t have a stomach ache. But once in a while, you just have to let your toddler gorge themselves on ice cream.

He was pointing out the letters everywhere, so I was telling them what they spelt. Well, zoo is everywhere of course. So by the end of the day he was squealing “Zoo!” Every time he saw the word! I feel like he’s going to be reading by 3! Crazy kid.

19 months

K is 19 months and blowing my mind everyday. Get ready for some bragging.

He knows his ABCs and has become completely aware of text in books. I’ve started reading him more difficult books like the “5 minute tales” types because if I read a board book he will follow along. Instead of relaxing, he tries to read it! He’s also started memorizing his books. He can spell his name, which is adorable.

He is becoming a number whiz kid. I know for sure that he can count to 30, but it could be higher because one day I counted to 40, and he continued to 49. I don’t know if he knows 40, 50, 60 yet on his own though. Also, the other day he pointed out a 35, and he’s starting to show interest in clocks and time. He can also count backwards from 10, and loves to scramble up his puzzle pieces, throw away the board, and sequence the numbers forward and backward.

Shapes. He understands rectangle, circle, triangle, square, pentagon, star and heart. I haven’t really exposed him to any others yet, those are just the standard shapes we have around.

Colors: yellow is his favorite right now. He also knows green, blue, purple, orange, red, pink, black, brown and white. I’ve started teaching him turquoise too only because he seems to be getting confused when he sees blue-green.

He knows quite a few animal sounds and thinks “bee bo bee boo boo” (a robot) is hilarious. He has also started to pretend to be a cat, crawling around on all fours and meowing. It’s hilariously adorable!!

He knows a lot of body parts. Head shoulders, neck, belly, legs, arms, hands, fingers, wrist, knees, feet, toes, heels, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, cheeks, chin. Possibly more, but I know those ones he knows without a doubt.

He can write 1s and 2s. He also has a game on the iPad where you trace the numbers with your finger, on that he’s able to trace 1-10.

He loves to pick out his own clothes and has started to try to dress himself. He loves wearing his boots because he’s able to get them on and off by himself. He will also wipe his nose (sometimes without me even prompting him!) with a Kleenex.

He’s very helpful around the house. If he wants me to play with him but I have to say, put something I the refrigerator first, he will run over and open it for me :)

He can work the DVD player, which makes everyone but me nervous lol

He loves to paint, color and play with play dough.

He loves music. He can go through the iphone or iPad and no word of a lie, find the song he wants to listen to. He has also started to sing along to some of his favorite songs (with actual words now!). His favorites are: This is How we Roll, Party People, That’s my Kinda Night, Springsteen, Love is an Open Door and the Cars soundtrack.

His favorite book right now is What Does the Fox Say. He’s also been loving Guess How Much I Love you.

He can put his Thomas train together, although he doesn’t make it a circle (who says it has to be anyway?)

He loves to number and count things. Outside he has numbered my stairs with chalk, and inside he will put his puzzle and clock pieces all over to count things, which leads to them getting lost, which leads to him running around crying “free free” because he sang find the number three. And them he squeals with such delight when you find it.

He loves loves loves Cars. Lightning McQueen makes him shy. He has starting talking along with the movie, line for line. Which is impressive because he doesn’t have many words at all. (Well, I mean I’m sure he has a pretty good amount for 19 months lol but he’s not talking in sentences or anything).

He’s starting to put two words together. Hi and bye kitty and puppy. Blue A, yellow star, things like that.

He has a total personality. Everything is no. He loves to be silly. He gives the best hugs and kisses to everything. He signs I love you. He says peese mama in the cutest way possible. He’s just amazing.

Whew! That was a whirlwind of two weeks! K absolutely adored my parents (it’s been 6 months since he saw them last- a third of his life!) and then Hubs was home so we just had two weeks of awesome. We did nothing but hang out, chat, and enjoy the company.

We are finally having some nice weather so we pulled out the sprinkler for the kids (okay, baby and puppy) to run through. They had a blast! Who knew happiness could be bought for $5.99 at WalMart?

K is blowing my mind more and more every day. He knows his alphabet, his numbers up to 20, he can do a somersault! He can also write and trace a good amount of his numbers, and his favorite thing to do is to mix up numbers from his blocks or puzzles and re order them on his own. It’s adorable! He also is in love with books, I swear I read him a book once and the second time he’s anticipating all of the parts. He also loves music! His favorites right now are “party people” and “this is how we roll” (totally age appropriate, I know). He sings along in his adorable little toddler voice! He even sings in his sleep…

He has been terrible to get to sleep this last week. His mind has just been too busy! I don’t blame him. I have a few suggestions that I’m going to try out this week that hopefully help him to unwind a bit!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted! I’m laying on the floor in K’s room because my parents are visiting and for whatever reason I’m not sleeping. I should be, considering I have a cold, I mowed the lawn and cleaned the house and baked bread and muffins and went to costco… How am I not sleeping?

I need to write on here more often. Reading old posts that have been liked or reblogged made me thankful that I’ve jotted so much down. It’s a good reminder of how far we’ve come.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!

Well, that was a fun morning

K was brushing his teeth and decided that toilet water was better than the sink water. More flavor I guess? So I did what any good mom would do, freak out and put it in some boiling water on the stove.

It goes without saying that with a puppy and a one year old my attention to any task is practically nil, so I forgot about the toothbrush. I smelt burning, took the pot outside then opened all the windows. The fire alarm starts going off, and I disable the alarm. It says canceling call. Call to who?

I take the kids outside to play because I like my lungs. I hear fire trucks in the distance. Weird coincidence. They get closer. The alarm system doesn’t call the fire department. Does it?

Oh but it does. Five firemen are at my front door. They were pretty amused by my stupidity. Apparently the alarm system calls right away, and they have to respond even if the call is cancelled. I’m now terrified to use my stove ever again. If my track record is any indication, Edmonton Fire Dept and I are going to have a very close relationship.